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The Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies

Last journey to Middle-earth

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Movie Length: 2:24

Genre: adventure fantasy

Country: USA, New Zealand

IMDB rating: 7.4

Director: Peter Jackson

Actors: Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Dzheyms Nesbitt, Ken Stott, Grem Maktavish, William Kircher, Stiven Hanter, Dean O'Gorman, Eydan Terner, Benedict Cumberbatch, Evandzhelin Lilli, Keyt Blanshett, Orlando Bloom, Hyugo Uiving, Luke Evans, Mikael Persbrandt, Kristofer Li, Ian Holm, Li Peys, Billy Connolly, Stiven Fray, Silvestr Makkoy

Budget: $ 250 million

Year: December 11, 2014

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Download The Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies full movie for free. When the group of the 13 gnomes hired hobbit Bilbo Baggins as the attacker and the 14th, "happy" campaign participant to the Lonely Mountain, Bilbo thought his adventure will end, when it has completed its task - to find the treasure, which is so necessary to the leader Thorin gnomes. Journey to Erebor, seized the dragon Smaug kingdom of the dwarfs, was even more dangerous than expected gnomes and even Gandalf - a wise wizard, stretching Thorin and his party a helping hand. In pursuit of the dwarves rushed orc army, led by an ancient evil awakened in ruins and the elves, and the people with whom Bilbo and his companions had to deal with during the journey and are affected by the consequences of desire dwarves to reclaim his house, laid claim to generous rewards - part treasures of the Lonely mountain. Soon far from the Lonely Mountain to meet five armies, and a bloody battle will determine the results of brave Dwarf campaign. "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" - the final part of the trilogy, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins.

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Our Review:

Jackson trilogy of Hobbit ended spectacular, but stupid movie. The trilogy of "The Hobbit" - a screen version of a 300-page tale of Tolkien, Peter Jackson stretched to an eight-hour epic film - is finally completed. On the final part, with the subtitle "The Battle of the Five Armies", was very insignificant piece of text - but also because he was able to make a film director for a period of 140 minutes. As we all remember, by the end of the second part of "The Hobbit" Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and the dwarves, led by Thorin (Richard Armitage), got to the mountain, under which the dragon slept, and woke reptile. In the third series of fire-breathing flying monster attacks the city on the lake, but is killed when an arrow pierces him, fired Bard (Luke Evans). However, the happy heroes do not have time: Thorin covers dragon disease (in terms of human language - an acute attack of greed mixed with anger), to the mountain pulled the army, each of which claims to be part of the treasure, and now begins a large-scale massacre involving gnomes humans, elves and orcs. In the third "The Hobbit" Battle not only is the central event - in fact, after watching a feeling that one of his film and is (which, of course, is not quite true). And Jackson seems to be trying to emulate Bruegel the Elder and pushes the shot as much detail that to see them all is not possible. Burning houses, crumbling stone towers, but on the screen there is a place for a child's face, frightened grandmother or shabby miserable dog. This in itself is not bad - Jackson shoots, so that each frame can be placed in a frame and hang on the wall. It's not so beautiful, but rather a rich, bright, occasionally - and even creatively. In general, nothing more spectacular you will not see in December (which is not surprising, given the budget of the project). Another thing is that for luxury special effects lost history, and so that was not very much. The third "The Hobbit" in this sense is the opposite, not only the text of Tolkien (where a story was clear and understandable), but books as such. Books especially telling, Jackson - it shows he was not up to the plot. However, to compare the film version of "The Hobbit" from a literary source rather silly. It has long been clear that in this case it is not about the film adaptation, but rather fanfikshene, and the third series of this idea only confirms. Radagast continues to dissect on a cart pulled by rabbits, in the frame and then there are characters that Tolkien in his "The Hobbit" was never mentioned. Toward the end of Jackson and all I decided to say hello to Frank Herbert and his "Dune" (critters that crawl at this point on the screen, in the book mentioned only once - in translation Rahmanova as some abstract "hobborotni"). The theme of the small fragile man (that is, in this case, the hobbit) can not be read in the vast and unpredictable world - just for the reason that for a while we see through the eyes of not only Bilbo, but also a variety of other characters until svezhepridumannoy elf Tauriel (Evandzhelin Lilli) in the second series of fell in love with one of the gnomes. But if we evaluate the "Hobbit" as fanfikshen have to admit that Jackson in this case is the perfect author - enthusiastic, unrestrained, have the resources. The latest is always possible to hide a lack of imagination - the movie will turn out not too original, but spectacular, so that is not soon forget. That's just to retell it to someone will not leave - because to repeat here, in general, nothing.


User's Review:

Finally! That's what we've all been waiting for over a year - the grand conclusion of the trilogy of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit". The first part introduces us to the crux of the matter, was quiet, peaceful, in the spirit of children's fairy tales, means "The Hobbit" is. The second part shows that inspiration is not exhausted - the film was different, dark and gloomy, but at the same time majestic and grand. Further possible spoilers, I note that no words will give the feeling of the movie and those who have not watched the movie, may underestimate this creation. The culmination of the second part - from this moment begins the film, coinciding with the second distances. Dragon Smaug, terrifying at its first appearance, showed itself in all its beauty. The trailer was seen the town on fire, but the reality is much more epic. The dragon, which could just fly, destroy and die Esgarot once again showed its strength when viewed from the picture in 3D, then you already will feel like a participant in these events, see the "fire and death „/ Since the death of Smaug, the action takes place in the whole: the first time I see that the trailers were so far removed from the film! Everything was done in great detail, with all of Tolkien's world conditions and with unprecedented beauty! All two and a half hours I stared at one go. Piter Dzhekson finally convinced me of his genius,“ Battle of the Five Armies "is highly recommended for all audiences, regardless of whether you like the genre of fantasy or not.

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