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The Golden Compass

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Movie Length: 1:53

Genre: Adventure Family Fantasy

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Kris Vayts

Actors: Nicole Kidman, Deniel Kreyg, Dakota Blue Richards, Ben Uoker, Freddi Haymor, Ian McKellen, Eva Green, Dzhim Karter, Tom Kortni, Ien Maksheyn, Kristofer Li, Charli Rou

Budget: $ 180 million

Year: December 6, 2007

Download The Golden Compass

Download movie The Golden Compass for free. According to the tale, each people have Damon - animal or bird having a part of the soul of this man, and do not leave him all his life. Girl Lear with his Damon goes on a journey to the North Pole, to rescue the kidnapped friend and other children. She confronts the heroine Nicole Kidman - beautiful blond woman with magic cunning plan. To help Lyra friends come: Roma, a great armored bear and a golden compass, with which you can learn the truth about unknown events and things.

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Our Review:

Producer and director Kris Veytts was one of the founders of idiotic comedy "American Pie." Now him firmly entrenched glory vulgar, and no one has nothing to do with the fact that Chris actually finished Cambridge. But here's the humanities Weitz finally come in handy. His new film "The Golden Compass" is put on the trilogy Filipa Pulmana (more precisely, it is only the first volume of "Northern Lights"), which is intertwined with the futurism Gnosticism and lifestyle of old England. However, this alternative was not the Reformation in England, and all the works are still in charge of the Church, whose sacrificial Council for the sake of some vague monstrous experiments kidnaps children. One of the abductees - Roger, one of the main character, a girl Lyra, who lives in Oxford under the supervision of scientists. To find Roger, Lyra has to go to the North Pole, where it falls into the maelstrom of cosmic scale. A screen adaptation of "Northern Lights" was blazing with lights and sparkling stars. In the difficult role of Lord Asriel, a scientist challenged the very Creator, stands Deniel Kreyg, his rival, apparatchitsu-klerikalku Mrs. Coulter, played recent partner Craig of "invasion" Nicole Kidman, chosen for this role Pullman 10 years ago. The role of the witch Serafina Pekkaly Archers - a friend of Craig's "Casino Royale," the green-eyed beauty Eva Green. Even in the film will be fierce fighting armored polar bears and flying witches squads and balloons - everything (including almost two hundred millionth budget), to become a major blockbuster winter. If only the script does not disappoint. And this danger is there. Trilogy "His Dark Materials" - not the usual children's fantasy, not a "Harry Potter" and certainly not "The Chronicles of Narnia." A radical mysticism (the Creator here calls himself Angel usurper - hence all the trouble) Pullman's book was condemned by the Catholic Church. And the film, despite the fact that the God-fighting fuse novel tried to soften the American Catholic League pre-announced a boycott. New Line Cinema studio would be happy at all remove the damn ideology of "The Golden Compass", but Weitz, who himself wrote the screenplay, was well aware that fans will tear him to pieces if the book will make a simple Christmas tale. As a result, Weitz vowed that in games with the studio he was able to defend if not the letter, but a heretical spirit pulmanovskogo original. And as a writer, and he participated in the shooting process, it is hoped that rebellious metaphysics still managed to move to the screen.

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