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If your friend is a giant, you expect great things

Download The BFG full movie for free.

Movie Length: 1:57

Genre: Adventure Family Fantasy

Country: USA, Canada, United Kingdom

IMDB rating: 6.4

Director: Steven Spielberg

Actors: Rebekka Holl, Mark Raylens, Bill Hader, Dzhemeyn Klement, Reyf Spoll, Mett Fryuer, Penelope Wilton, Oulavyur Darri Oulafsson Ruby Barnhill, Adam Godley

Budget: $ 140 million

Year: June 30, 2016

Download The BFG

Free download The BFG movie. The incredible story of a young girl and a large meeting and kind giant who introduces her to the wonderful and full of dangerous country giants.

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Our Review:

What does all this spending several years in the "adult" projects ( "Lincoln", "Bridge of Spies"), Steven Spielberg returned to that from it the most are waiting for the fans - for film, is designed for child and family audiences. At this time, a source of inspiration for the director was the tale of the British writer Roalda Dalya "Big Friendly Giant", first published in the early 1980s. Why watch "Giant" provides an opportunity to see how Spielberg reconsiders the history of the child and his unusual friend, long ago set forth in the "alien" in 1982 (the script to the two tapes written Melissa Metison). However, friendship with incredible creatures, this time gets not a boy, and the orphan girl named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), moreover, the growth of her boyfriend - 8 m, while the stranger was small. Individual episodes of "Giant" cause approximately the same emotions as the "Alien": for example, a giant asleep in a bed made from a sailing ship, and the scenes in which the characters catch dreams, make you think that Spielberg - no a talented filmmaker, but a real wizard. Why can we not see How could Spielberg tried, something, unfortunately, does not give a miracle to spread its wings. Barnhill heroine turned out nice, but not as memorable as Elliott from "ET", she seemed to have forgotten to register a bright character. The film is almost devoid of conflicts, even ogres living close to home a new friend Ruby, are more bothersome than dangerous. The soundtrack of the matter suggests that now there will be something very important, but almost to the final events unfold so slowly that any viewer over 12 years will begin to yawn. "Giant" - of course, beautiful, but do not cause emotions and disturbing fantasy movie. We can assume that years later this work Spielberg will be remembered in the first place because of the abundance of jokes about digestive gases.

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