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Silent Hill

Computer-screen incarnation of horror games, get scared of the original

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Movie Length: 2:05

Genre: horror adventure

Country: USA, Canada, France, Japan

IMDB rating: 6.6

Director: Kristof Gans

Actors: Radha Mitchell, Laurie Holden, Shon Bin, Deborah Kara Unger, Kim Kouts, Tanya Allen, Elis Kraydzh, Dzhodell Ferland, Kollin Uilyams, Ron Gabriel

Budget: $ 50 million

Year: May 11, 2006

Download Silent Hill

Free Silent Hill movie torrent. Rose decides to take his daughter Sharon to the abandoned town of Silent Hill, dreams which are constantly worried about the girl. On the road machine Rose gets into an accident. Waking up after hitting the woman realizes that her daughter disappeared. Now she is only one way - in the cursed town of Silent Hill in search of Sharon. But the city, shrouded in mist and the destruction of many fires, inhabited by terrible and dark creatures will not give so easy to get lost in there girl.

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Our Review:

Mother trying to cure a sick daughter sleepwalking. Rejecting the doctors, clinics and medicines, she decides to take the girl into the mysterious town whose name she repeats during his nightly adventures, and deal in place that hurts the poor child. Ignoring found online stories that all is not well with the city, he burned many years ago and belongs to the American "ghost-towns" are not responding to calls more cautious husband, she goes in search of Silent Hill. According to the laws of the genre comes back at night, he gets into an accident and immediately loses her baby. Further, in fact, all in the game. Mother runs on different levels (school, a hotel, a church), and from time to time gets some bonuses, often in the form of what is happening self-explanatory. Trying to help, had come with her on her head, a female police officer, quite computer blond and shapely. The city itself, foggy, deserted, with ash instead of snow, designed to escalate the mystical horror, only causes aesthetic satisfaction. But to admire them 2 hours - an occupation for a strong spirit. About mysterious death of the city, we learn almost at the end. Before that - burned-out city, under which for many years, producing toxic gases, smoldering coal. From time to time in the city starts howling siren, darkness falls, and get out from the corners of different monsters. They shine and touching squeak uncertainly swaying on thin legs, and some do like the slightly charred, bolshegrudaya nurses of "Playboy". Show us a glimpse of the monsters from afar, so fear them not, no matter how hard you try. What's in "Silent Hill" is really awful, so this dialogue. Absurd, incoherent, often not quite Russian proposals catching fear and longing. By the end of the film, however, over some phrases already beginning to laugh. For example, when a mother (not the main character, other) sees his lost many years ago, almost burned, has become the embodiment of all of the devil, and the child cries in horror: "Alessa! You have become a monster! "In general, it does not hurt the children. This could end badly!

User's Review:

This movie, a movie for connoisseurs, there is not any complex, deep meaning, at this time the impressive special effects, but it does have a certain zest that makes me watch this movie in the 10th time it at least. Film or hate and do not realize that there are decent, or as I always look at it when I come across on TV. Here I am, flipping through the channels, rides that would be worth 02.15 filmets that at the moment, and even in everyday life, just rare luck. Add a very interesting fact that I learned recently, there was a transfer about shooting the movie, and I was impressed with the theme of the fact that all monsters are made without the computer. graphics, a man and a make-up, look votknotes to complete. And yet, all 3 of the world in which kalobrodit mother searching for a daughter, they, too, without a computer. graphics, except the real world, were made the same, but in the past and the nightmares with monsters who watched will understand, I did when I heard was shocked. Flew the name of the cult of the hero, with the cube on his head, in the film it appears high, but in fact it is also a real person, just shooting is mainly from below, and when it is in front of the church cut up bedalazhku, here it is specially made small doll, for greater credibility the power of thought "Boogeyman," he with a pyramid on his head, smashing eccentric, although we on the street folk evening pohlesche can be found. In short guys, it's a cult movie, and it needs to be viewed from beginning to end. I write a review for the first time since I do not know and do not care to write them, but read them very much, naturally intelligent and smart people, but to circumvent this movie without attention, I could not. Good luck and good night to you, of course only after viewing.

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