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Free download Rubinrot movie.

Movie Length: 2:00

Genre: Adventure fantasy fiction

Country: Germany

IMDB rating: 6.2

Director: Felix Fuksshtayner

Actors: Mariya Erih, Yannis Nivoner, Veronica Ferres, Uwe Kokish, Katarina Talbah, Florian Bartolomay Laura Berlin, Anne Bother, Sibulle Canonica, Justine del Corte, Dzhennifer Lotsi, Yozefine Proyss, Kostya Ullman, Peter Simonischek, Axel Milberg


Year: March 14, 2013

download Rubinrot

Rubinrot download movie. The first part of teenage fantasy trilogy. Living in London, 16-year-old Gwendolyn Shepherd accidentally discovers that he has a unique genome Time Traveler, who has inherited from the great-grandmother. Now she can be transported on a daily basis in the past, and every day becomes more and more puzzles, in addition someone hunts for time travelers in the past. "Timeless. Ruby book "- the film adaptation of the novel by German writer Kerstin Gier.

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Our Review:

Compunctionate thrash about German school girl that has the ability to travel in the past. London (no, not Berlin). Our days. Gwendolyn - the most common 16-year-old girl, no different from peers nothing outstanding, besides quite clumsy and apparently unattractive, since graduation prom her to go with whom. Quite another thing her Kuzina Glenda, clever, beautiful and family hope, has a unique genome, the appointment of which will be known later. Yes, do not forget, we have Glenda and boyfriend - Gideon light Serdtseedovich, nicknamed arrogant ass. In general, while Glenda prepared for some mysterious ritual, Gwendolyn suddenly starts to feel bad - fatigue, nausea and dizziness. Teenagers with symptoms usually run to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test, but does not have time to visit Gwendolyn this happy thought, she - chpok! - falls on the London pavement of the late XIX century. So, if anyone has not guessed yet, Glenda - in flight, travel is Gwen. A screen adaptation of the first novel of teenage trilogy Kerstin Gier about a girl - traveler in time and a secret society led by the monstrous Count Saint-Germain - it's amazing chaotic set of fantastic and teen dies Cinderella, worldwide conspiracy witchers psychics and exciting jumps from the present to the past, in which from the historical realities not a stone was left. And to whom they surrendered? After all, it was started in order to make an ugly duckling princess dress up her in the style of Madame de Pompadour and implement first kiss with Evard Cullen, that is - what I mean - Gideon de Villiers, of course. Another thing is that the conversion notice the only people on the other side of the screen, dress hanging bag, and kiss… No, like all failed here. And if you suddenly interested in numerous clues to outline the course of action of secrets, it will have to wait. It seems exposing scheduled for the final of the third series.

User's Review:

The film is very good. Many disagreements with the book, but that does not make it worse. On account of the question of why all the time 18-19 century. Firstly, in this age lived the Count Saint-Germain, which is very much related to the book. Secondly, in vremenimozhno travel with the chronograph within 1502, if I'm not mistaken. The acting is good, the special effects on the level. In my opinion, the film deserves a lot of attention.

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