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Download movie Labyrinth for free.

Movie Length: 1:41

Genre: The musical adventure family fantasy

Country: US, UK

IMDB rating: 7.4

Director: dzhim Henson

Actors: Devid Boui, Dzhennifer Konnelli, Toby Froud, Shelley Thompson, Kristofer Malkolm, Natalie Finlend, Shari Uayzer, Brian Henson, Ron Mueck, Rob Mills

Budget: $ 25 million

Year: June 27, 1986 (World)

download Labyrinth

Free Labyrinth movie torrent. Returning home after a walk, Sara swayed little brother Toby. It tells the tale of the infant king of the goblins, secretly enamored with a girl, and in the hearts of willing himself to Toby took goblins. When she leaves the room, bursting white owl in the window that turns into a goblin king Jareth, and takes the boy. He tells Sarah that she has 13 hours to bring back his brother, and the girl goes to the dark castle kidnapper. The problem is that in order to get to the castle, you need to pass an impassable enchanted maze. He is full of mysterious creatures, puzzles and traps, but Sarah bravely marching toward danger.

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User's Review:

This film is worth watching to the cinema to enjoy the atmosphere of a good tale. Frivolous girl loved chitetat book Labyrinth, a screaming baby-brother prevented her dream of knights. Modern parents, which in the film, almost nothing is known apparently fled to visit or to the theater and left her nursing brother ... like a big sister and baby get BOTH! in a maze - you will see in the film. But with every step "rescue mission" is complicated, as the heroine says: "piece of cake" - piyys Of Keiko - it then awaits a new trouble. As in life, the villains are very tempting and witches sing and dance to the stunning rock while podfutbolivayut own head. A good "fellow-helpers" - is not always so sweet as on the covers of fairy tales - they have to look, do not simply ask to get along with them - in general life is a compromise! / What we have already discussed after the film /. Had once or twice to see again, to comment on, dig in the dictionary - we watched it with subtitles - which is a song performed by Deyvida Baui - "You're in my eyes I shake the moon - but only for you ..." - in this case a girl almost forgets on campaign objectives. I had to look for the famous "stairway to nowhere." that there is a play ochchchchen suddenly and blindly-creepy tones. Laid out so that children are not tired, and adults have learned something. And of course, the original grim humor ... not surprised that my 28 year old son still remembers nek- scene and trying to "decipher" Dog Knight - how to understand this? Poisoned peach - of which it is a fairy tale? Many questions - on any tiyyn-eydzhersky taste.

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