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jurassic Park

Download movie Jurassic Park for free.

Movie Length: 2:07

Genre: Adventure Family Fantasy

Country: USA

IMDB rating: 8.1

Director: Steven Spielberg

Actors: Sem Nil, Laura Dern, Dzheff Goldblyum, Richard Attenborough, Dzhozef Matstsello, Ariana Richards, Ueyn Nayt, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, Samuel L. Jackson

Budget: $ 63 million

Year: June 9, 1993 (World)

Download Jurassic Park

Download Jurassic Park full movie for free. The plot is a picture of the same name by Michael Crichton novel, filmed before publication. Professor Rich built on an island off the coast of Costa Rica a wonderful relic Jurassic Park. Its inhabitants - the long-extinct dinosaurs. The professor expects that resources will be the main feature of the new attraction, which plans to open in a few days. Rich convinces the owner to come to the island group of paleontologists, and delighted guests who came to the island to fall into trouble. One of the park workers, trying to sell Dinosaur Mystery shopper, hacks into the security system. Ancient creatures are on the outside, threatening the well-being of their descendants - the people.

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User's Review:

"Jurassic Park". Yes. How a child was I connected with this movie. It all started with the comic book "Raptor". The film is already out, and immediately went on sale zhvatelnye gum «Jurassic Park» label inside. Labels represent themselves screenshots from the film, which in theory, should have been glued to a special cluster, but mostly glued to the refrigerator. Remember those huge liners kyulshranki pasted from the gum? Until now, in the garage there is such. Garage, storage location that does not fit in the trash. It is paradoxical but true. Yes, distracted. Stickers on them I presented these incredible moments of the film, because to see "Jurassic Park", in the periphery of 93, like the arrival, for example, Prodygy Ivanovo right now. Still, local pornokoroli, steep for a private screening of "Emmanuel", mastered and the young audience for which the school was opened, lol, movie theater "Zvezdochka". In the hall with 150 seats, it was a normal TV "Horizon" and vidak "Electronics M5", but we had enough of this. We bought season tickets for all the holidays, and every morning at 12 o'clock, the crowd gathered in the school cleaner than the game Russian Barcelona this year. And school is not cordoned off the police Cardona and kipish after watching the same "Kickboxer" was such that the riots at the Manege, by comparison, just laugh. Every self-respecting student, positioned himself with Vann Damme and just had to, to show everyone that he has mastered kung fu, right during playback. But I digress again. "Jurassic Park" - this was listed in the subscription film, the first number. I was overjoyed. At last! I waited. And now, coming to school at 10 in the morning to early to take a place at the door of the cinema, discovered that is the intellect has not only me, but a good half shkoloty, which has six times obmaterila guard, broke the glass and put up the game who most viewed films in which there was no prize for first place, but was a surprise in the past. An unpleasant surprise. In general, all the servants were fun to identify the worst. Do not care what you do something better than anyone else, no one will give you the title of master of sports of international class in "Seth", nobody even notices that you simply invincible in this game, but you should play and down the drain. Losers never loved. And indeed the winners. That would have such a system in football or to make the Olympic. "Jurassic Park". I took a seat in the front row, almost in front of the TV and then turn off the light, I was completely absorbed in watching. I did not exist, or rather, I existed as Schrödinger's cat, in two states. Artem - sitting in the hall, and Artem - Dr. Grant on the screen. And FIG knows what condition the system might leave me. Such films where the director made a commercial project a masterpiece, a little, but they are all included in the hundred best films of all time. This film is one of them. And let, the second time to cut the cash register, very very ugly, rather than to remove something like a great, I sure I'll go to this movie, to once again plunge into his childhood. I am very strict critic, but this film deserves its 5.

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