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Movie Length: 1:46

Genre: Adventure Family Fantasy

Country: USA, Germany, UK

IMDB rating: 6.1

Director: Ien Softli

Actors: Brendan Fraser, Pol Bettani, Eliza Bennett, Andy Serkis, Helen Mirren, Sienna Guillory, Dzhim Brodbent, Dzhennifer Konnelli, Richard Streyndzh, Matt King

Budget: $ 60 million

Year: March 19, 2009

download Inkheart

Download movie Inkheart for free. Book physician Mortimer "Mo" Folhart obsessed with books. His twelve year daughter Maggie, too, is subject to parent passion, and yet they both have an amazing gift - to revive the characters from the pages. One has only to read the book aloud - and told in her story happened in real life ... The trouble is that when the book comes to life hero, his place is taken by a real person. So it happens once, and lover Mortimer lost in an unknown direction. A man tries to fix it, and favorite daughter helps him in this.

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Our Review:

Mortimer (Brendan Fraser) and his daughter Maggie (Eliza Bennett) love to read and go to second-hand bookshops. My daughter thinks that the book they are looking for the love of reading, but the father not telling much. Mortimer hunting for a book called "Inkheart". The fact that he has a unique gift - reading aloud a book, he can pull out the characters. And so it happened nine years ago, when Mortimer at night little daughter read the book "Inkheart", from which crept villain Capricorn and fakir Pylnoruka. And if the book someone got out, it must necessarily make an exchange: there goes a man from the real world, which turned out to be the wife of Mortimer. Capricorn also pulled the book to anyone Mortimer could not go back, and leisure time. Capricorn - the most important in the Gothic town, which is inhabited by some strange characters, looks like a hero of the clips "Rammstein". Villain plays about pulling out of the Goldilocks fairy tales, the gold from the "Treasure Island", a unicorn, a minotaur, winged monkeys and even a gingerbread house. To return back to his tale, he is not going as he liked to live in the world of real people. Capricorn kidnaps Maggie and learn that it is also able to materialize books heroes, requires her to call something like evil spirits. Mortimer, taking with him Pylnoruka and Jinnah, looks like a gay, to rescue his daughter and wife. "Inkheart" - film adaptation of fantasy novel of German writer Cornelia Funke. 50-year-old lady was writing his novel, thinking at the same time the actor Frazer and adjusting to his protagonist. And then I sent him a book, and almost confessing her love for him, offered to play in a movie. The film is just a half-hour, which is very small for this kind of adventure films, so that the action begins abruptly, without preamble or explanation of what is happening, and just crumpled over, but some points do have to think out. And it was possible, not sparing the film and money, to show in all its glory fantastic city that could only come up with the German writer, as well as all sorts of strange beasts and heroes of fairy tales. As in any fairy tale to be moral, then a stretch to assume that the German author appealed to such folk wisdom, which in Russian sounds like: a word spoken is past recalling, and that written with a pen, will not cut down with an ax.

User's Review:

All greetings))) Yesterday, my friend and I went to the cinema for a movie "Inkheart". I just wanted to have fun, and that will produce the film, I did not expect to have success, because the hike up there I heard a few good reviews for it! But I, as this is not enough, received a lot of pleasure from watching this movie = * I really liked it, because today tale very easy life, relaxes us. This film is about a man who by words can animate any character from the book, it is Harry Potter, or it will be a princess of some, such as Cinderella! The main role in the film played Brendan Freyzer), an actor I do not want to say that I was his fan, but a lot of his film I watched with great pleasure ^ _ ^ His hero Mortimer- the girl's father, and the husband of his wife, he is his "magnificent" gift dragged into the book. This book, just called "Inkheart". And instead of his wife, in our world "moved" the hero of this book Pylnomet) And now he wants to return to his own world, but what Mortimer wants to return to his wife! But the book in our world also "relocated" heroic and evil Capricorn, along with his army, who wants to usurp ours. But our heroes help the creator "Inkheart", Farid- hero eastern legends and little chudokovataya Aunt Eleanor ... then you already understand, a huge battle, fighting, magic and just the pleasure of watching a movie))) So, who wants to get his life a little fairy tale, go to it this film, and still believe: the magic is! The film inspires and animates))) Very beautiful ponarama and good actors)))

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